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I love dogs! Big dogs, little dogs, and all those in between. I suppose it started with the dogs that my parents had when I was born– a pair of Norwegian Elkhounds. I don’t know if it was that early developmental period crawling with the dogs before I was even verbal, but I feel a connection with canines. I get them and most seem to get me. I’ve had dogs nearly every day of my life. It’s hard to be without. Recently, in December of 2021 my last dog Maisy had to go from a cancer that was eating her up from within and I miss her terribly. With her gone I decided that I needed to spend more time with dogs so I signed up for a profile to meet strangers needing walking and sitting services. After announcing this decision on social media a few friends reached out to me and I’ve begun walking and dog sitting for them directly. Feel free to reach out if you need such services.